£525.00 – Early Rider Belter 20w 2022 – Kids Bike


Turn heads as well as corners.The Belter 20 elevates the ride to school to a whole new level as style meets functionality. An internal geared hub means no maintenance and if your kids have a tendency to ‘rest’ their bike on the pavement, there’s no fragile derailleur to put them out of action. The Sturmey hub is remarkably smooth too and with 4 gears inside its bombproof shell, it goes as well as it looks. No mech, no greasy cogs just beautiful clean lines and a super clean ride.A characteristically lightweight build, comfortable geometry and effortless belt drive it makes light work of those backpack laded rides to school. And, when it comes to bikeability, the custom Ritchey controls will certainly provide a much appreciated level of confidence. This bike is about looking great and feeling great.

This children’s bike is for sale today at Tredz Limited.