£549.00 – Orbea Laufey 20w H30 2021 – Kids Bike


Just like our popular adult-sized Laufey, this fun-loving machine is perfect for riders of all ages. Laufey is a tough, scaled-down trail bike that relishes new terrain.It’s for first-timers and expert mini-shredders. Laufey is a master of fun with multiple wheel sizes, burlier tires and suspension forks that look and function just like yours.The Laufey Junior family includes three different wheel sizes for riders from 4 to 14 years.Laufey Junior 20″: from 4 to 7 years,Laufey Junior 24″: from 6 to 9 years,Laufey Junior 27″: from 8 to 14 years.All Laufey models are constructed from aluminum.We’ve engineered the shape and thickness of the aluminum tubes to increase their strength and reduce unwanted flex.To save weight, many of the tubes are assembled in the midsection of the bike, away from the stress of joints and welds. We’ve borrowed technologies from our carbon production to guarantee unmatched performance in our aluminum bikes.The cranks and chainring are made of aluminum to reduce weight as much as possible. They’ve also been designed specifically for Laufey Junior.Laufey Junior is designed to ride mountains, so wider tires and more aggressive tread is standard on all models. They are also tubeless.We designed a hard-working fender that’s fun, fun to look at and functional. The details are important.

This children’s bike is for sale today at Tredz Limited.