£329.99 – Saracen Mantra 2.0 20w 2018 – Kids Bike


Perfect for the next world champ in the making!Like it’s older sibling the Mantra 2.0 features a lightweight alloy frame and is designed for go-anywhere riding with a Spinner Grind Air suspension fork. A serious set up features a dedicated 1×8 drivetrain and simple-to-use Shimano trigger shifters. After debating the pros and cons of disc brakes on a 20” bike we bucked the fashion trend and went for a good quality set of V-Brakes. Kids from five years old can ride this bike and don’t really need the associated power (and additional weight) of disc brakes. They also love to fiddle with the bikes and small fingers and disc rotors are not a good mix!

This children’s bike is for sale today at Tredz Limited.